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"I am a medically retired Firefighter-Paramedic. During my time in the fire service, I moved through the ranks of my Union, learning about collective bargaining and labor relations. While fulfilling that role, I realized that labor advocacy includes civil rights. I turned down the option of pursuing total disability and sought to work for a Union in order to continue to advocate for working New Yorkers. As a Labor Relations Specialist for CSEA, I view my role as vital in creating work environments where employees' rights are respected, and their needs are met.  I have a family including two children, of which I am concerned for their future.  I am concerned with the future of all American families.  I have worked delivering papers, washing dishes, preparing foods, delivering goods and services, packing, and loading trailers in warehouses, have been a public employee, and a professional advocate.  It seems today that being able to have one job that provides for a small family while keeping a work/life balance is just a dream.  Often, even with both parents working a full-time job, one or both holds a second or third job. When wages rise corporations seem to raise the cost of goods and services so that we remain suppressed and beholden to our basic needs.  Those basic needs being healthy food, safe and clean drinking water, safe neighborhoods with affordable, quality housing, access to affordable and comprehensive healthcare, dependable and clean transportation, education that is free of bias
and influence of corporate and extreme political interests, and jobs that provide thriving wages.  This also includes a pathway to higher educational opportunities that do not enchain one into tens of thousands of dollars in debt.  Trade school, and community college should be a socially funded benefit available to American citizens.

I value Family, being a productive citizen, helping and advocating on behalf of others, sharing knowledge and information, transparency, honesty, integrity, diversity, and inclusion.  My vision is of a Country that provides an equal opportunity for all its people to obtain the American dream, and where democracy is valued, protected, and preserved. It is my intention to protect democracy and advocate for New Yorkers at the Local level which is the front lines of the attacks on our democracy.

I would like to maintain progress and growth within the Town of Manlius by continuing to pursue renewable resources, protect our beautiful natural habitats, provide affordable, quality and efficient housing to appeal to those that are looking to settle in our town, ensure the highest level of services, commit to a safe and secure community by supporting our public safety departments, and commit to seeking diverse and inclusive input from town residents.

I am also committed to holding accountable those that do not deliver on their promises, perform their duty to our residents, and whose policies and motives are counterproductive to supporting working families."
Transparency and Progress

Continuing the Transparent and Progressive direction of the current Town Board and Democratic Committee - the town has taken a turn towards green and sustainable energy and practices, become more diverse and inclusive, and has made a great effort to become completely transparent with the sharing of electronic information, and virtual streaming of meetings and events. Funding seems to be a common barrier when making the related and required changes. My plan would be to explore alternate funding and grant opportunities.

Public Safety and Health

The town continues to experience a consistent eb and flow of burglaries, as well as a dwindling availability of volunteer Firefighters and EMS providers. I intend to promote greater collaboration of resources, to ensure that we have 24-7 public safety services available to town residents. I would also like to explore the greater public availability of NARCAN, EPINEPHRINE, and AEDs throughout the town, by researching grants to assist with establishing a program that would strategically provide these lifesaving items throughout the town.


It is not uncommon when dealing with different levels of government to experience a defensive stance when addressing sensitive issues such as these, especially when their control feels threatened. I will work to get all the needed participation by encouraging community involvement to allow for greater transparency in the process and increased accountability. My experience has shown that when left only to the officials, differences in opinions lead to the project failing. With public involvement, it will be more difficult to walk away when conversations become uncomfortable.

Environmental Concerns

The County's wastewater treatment plant at Meadowbrook-Limestone continues to leak and off gas noxious smells.  I intend to develop a strategic campaign to expand my community organizing from my neighborhood to the entire town, including the full town board, and intensify the pressure on the County to address the problem. I expect to continue to experience the typical political and bureaucratic stonewalling, but with greater engagement from our community, and involvement of local media, I am confident that we can move this initiative further than we have to date.

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